Wedding Florals- 4 Things to Consider

A beautiful bride walking down the aisle, make-up perfected, hair done, dress fitted, and a breath taking, beautiful bouquet in her hand…this is the image so many little girls picture when they think of their big day, but what does one really need to consider about that perfect flower arrangement?

1.       Color – What colors do you just love? Those colors that, when you see them paired together, just screams at you? Is your wedding bold and dramatic with bright reds, golds, and blues? Or is it soft and romantic with pinks, whites, and yellows? Choosing an eye-catching color scheme can tie together your entire event beautifully, and it begins with the flowers.



2.       Flower Choice – Many brides may know the colors that they’re looking for, but is there a type of flower you adore? Doing some research on which flowers will be in season and what kind of flowers you love will make designing a bouquet a breeze. Whether traditional red roses are your style or adorable daisies are for you, knowing which flowers you desire is key.


3.       Accents – Who says a bouquet and floral pieces must be just flowers? If you’re a book lover, be creative and have a book pages rose. Maybe crystals are your elegant style and you add crystal or pearl accents. The possibilities are endless when you let your creativity loose.




4.       Price – It’s the least favorite thing to think about when planning your special day, but it is an important piece of the puzzle. Do some research on which flowers are more affordable. Go to a florist you trust and trust them to give it to you straight. Depending on your budget, they may have great ideas on how to reduce cost for your special day.


Bouquet (20).jpg

I hope you enjoyed our pictures of past bouquets and that this blog helps you to begin your florals endeavor! We are always available to assist you with your floral vision here at Sapphire Blooms! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We are eager to help make your florals come to life!