A Rose By Any Other Name

Is anything more romantic than a classic bouquet of red roses? Our hearts flutter when we see the blush of soft pink rose petals, or the scent of perfect and pure white ones. Roses have captured our hearts for hundreds of years, and the history of the rose is a fascinating one. Greeks and Romans tied red roses to Aphrodite and Venus in their iconography. In Elizabethan England roses were given as a symbol of love and passion. Roses were also the flowers kept in the gardens of ancient emperors in China.


Floral arrangement (37).JPG

Not only does the rose have a colorful history, but it has an even more colorful array! For most people, when thinking of roses, only two colors come to mind, the classic red and breathtaking white, but roses have far more to them than that. Roses come in a variety of shapes colors and sizes including orange, pink, and yellow as well. Roses mustn’t be confined to the small box of reds and whites many people have put them in.

When choosing a bouquet, or an arrangement for a loved one, remember the rose!

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