Sweet Summer Flowers in Bloom

                Summer is here! Summer is such an exciting and beautiful time to get married. Who doesn’t love the warm sun and beautiful flowers in bloom? A bride with a summer ceremony vision should know just which flowers she can expect. Ordering flowers that are in season during your wedding can save you a pretty penny, and summer is the season for so many breathtaking flowers!

Gerbera Daisies: These sweet fun flowers come in so many shades there’s a choice for just about every bride’s style! Daisies in Elizabethan times were symbols of innocence, purity, and new life. With their bright pops of color, they make the perfect addition to a summer arrangement.


     Sunflowers: Aren’t these flowers so perfectly named? Sunflowers have been the focus for many famous pieces of art, and they bloom the best in the sizzling summer sun! Deriving their name from their tendency to bloom towards the sun and their bright orange petals they are sure to bring a fun playful atmosphere to your special day.

Freesia: Freesia is another incredibly adaptable bloom coming in multiple colors. Its delicate petals and unique shape makes it an eye-catching addition to any bouquet or arrangement. Being a bulb plant, these sweet soft blooms look best in the summer, and they smell the best too! Freesia is known for its fantastic fragrant scent.

Orange, green, and purple 3.JPG

This list, of course, is not a comprehensive one. The highlights here can get your brain rolling with thousands of ideas for your unique floral design. We are always here to assist you with bringing that vision to life here at Sapphire Blooms. Contact us by phone or email for your free consultation! We are eager to help you create floral arrangements as unique as you.